Thursday, May 8, 2008

God Just Knows

I posted the following on Brandon's caringbridge site yesterday, and am keeping it FRESH today!!!

don't think that I will ever just "get it" by always being amazed at God's FAITHFULNESS. It will just never get old, and I am so THANKFUL for that.

God showed up this morning in just the most perfect way, that my hurting heart has been needing. I just love that about him, he knows me so much that he knows just what thing I will need. And the fact that he actually knew what I would need today...........before I was even born. How GREAT is that.

Also, today I heard this wonderful statement on a morning Christian show that I watch/listen to while getting ready in the morning....

~ Your FAITH does not prevent life, it carries you through life.

That just made such an impact on my heart and in my mind. God is just so good at giving me the "stuff" to move forward, whether it be by that next step, next breath, next hard time, or even next adventure.

He is just that BIG and always there!!!