Wednesday, June 13, 2012

May Days ~ or DAZE!

So now that we are pretty much half way through June...I figured I would update on the month of May.  Oh what a busy month that was!  I feel like I am still trying to "settle down" from it.
As you may be aware, this has been Seth's senior year of High School, and it seemed that May was a very busy month for the family of this Senior...and the Senior himself!

On May 5th was his Senior Prom ~ I did post on that...remember????

Then on 5/8 ~ Jordan reminded me of this sweet date...5/8/12, and yes I did a post on that too (5 = Brandon, May, 8 = August, Jordan, 12 = December, Seth).

But that is where life just got so busy, and there was no time for posts!  So let's begin a "recap a day"!  So starting tomorrow...I WILL do that!

But for now, I am "reminiscing" and trying to "be still".

Happy Wednesday to YOU!