Thursday, February 5, 2009

So I got it right....sort of, kind of...

This goes with my post from last week (Getting Off My Chest).

Well Steve has been sick for going on day #4 now. Earlier this morning as I was going about my morning duties, I was getting annoyed, and "short" with Steve. After I left the house, I then became just plain mad (after all - how dare he really be sick). After getting to work, calming down, taking time to pray and just listen...I took notice on God's gentle nudging. Soooooo, picked up the phone and called home. BUT because I was still in that fleshly battle, I asked a few questions and then hung up! " are MISSING IT....this is NOT the reason for your call, now settle down and GET IT RIGHT".
So, I turned right around, picked up the phone, took a deep breath and asked Steve to forgive me for not using loving words or tone, and could I pray for him. As most always, he immediately forgave me, and we had a wonderful opportunity for prayer.

AND.....I didn't have to let the whole day go by on a bad mood, and Steve could then just rest comfortably at home and "soak in the Lord's presence" without hard feelings.

Thank you God for never giving up on me, and for helping me to "GET IT RIGHT" early!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

So getting better....a little

Found this song (the first one on my playlist)...that I really LOVE! Still in the midst of one of those days, but God is always FAITHFUL! He loves me that much! I hope that does not sound conceited, but God tells us that & he proved that to us through Jesus. We all need to GRAB HOLD and accept that. And you know....just in typing this, well....feeling still a little better. The JOY of the LORD is MY STRENGTH & SONG! I LOVE my life!

~ On another, still not ready to share note....Steve & I are still intently praying on something that God spoke to my heart about this time last year. Just waiting for God to move in this, and to always direct us! I am just trying NOT to be inpatient, and for those of you who know know that can be hard!

Monday, February 2, 2009


REALLY missing Brandon & Jordan. I can at least text and talk to Jordan, really wish Heaven had cell service. Just feeling down, but I know it's only temporary. PRAISE GOD!