Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Getting Emotional

Getting so emotional with:

1.  Summer closing (way to FAST)
2.  Seth getting ready for his freshman year at the University of Delaware (REALLY FAST)
3.  Jordan getting ready to head back to California (this past year with him home...again TOO FAST)
4.  8 years ago today last day I heard Brandon's voice when he said..."I LOVE you, I'll see you in a little bit"
5.  August 3rd...8 FULL years of him being GONE! (FASTER & SLOWER than I can even comprehend)

Good things:
1.  Seth gettting ready for freshman year at UofD ~ So PROUD of him, exicted for his next new chapter!
2.  Jordan getting ready to head back to California ~ So PROUD of him, excited for his next adventure!
3.  Jedidiah getting ready to start 1st grade ~ SO PROUD of all that he has accomplished!
4.  Desi is 4 ~ a very sweet, but also sassy DAUGHTER who loves to sing and dance!
5.  August 3rd ~ Celebrate Brandon Day ~ 8 FULL years of him being HEALED & living with JESUS!!!
6.  August 13th ~ Seth's Eagle Scout Ceremony ~ VERY PROUD of this accomplishment
7.  August 15th ~ 1 FULL (and I do mean FULL) year of completed adoption of Jedidiah & Desi!!!
8.  August 19th ~ 3 FULL years (again...FULL) that Jedidiah & Desi first walked into our/their home!!!

Wow ~ I am a wreck good/sad, but GOD is ALWAYS FAITHFUL.  Sometimes I just have to really press hard to get my heart to KNOW IT & FEEL IT!!!  But even still...God is always the same, and that helps me through the tears of joy or sadness.