Monday, April 27, 2009


There is just so much to be smiling about :-)!!!

First, Steve & I are praying intently on what is in this envelope, and about to jump in with both feet! God has confirmed so many times, that I think he may be wanting to say..."Dawn...just how many times do you want me to confirm this already "! But he is so gentle and so patient, and his timing is the correct timing! Yaaay for that!

Second...Steve & I had a personal "Sozo" ~ greek ~ restore, to make whole, heal. And WOW...God really did some MAJOR work on me! And showed me some things, and confirmed others (one had to do with the envelope), and he also just showed me just how much he loves me. And seriously....anyone and everyone who reads this...I WANT THAT FOR YOU & SO DOES GOD! :-)

More neice Brooke had her senior of course you know what that means...LOTS of pictures! This is my Brookie Cookie, who by the way was also crowned PROM QUEEN!Cousins, Brooke & MY SETH!

Then while taking Seth to a friends (that boy never stays home) we got to take the Chevelle out and DRIVE IT FAST! Oh YEAH! So much FUN

And then the weekend was capped of on Sunday with AWESOME PRAISE & WORSHIP ~ that my Seth was playing the drums on, and then a wonderful Bridal Brunch for my sister Katie who is getting married in June. It was so much fun getting to spend time with all of my sisters (Susan,Katie, & Linda) family, and celebrate my sister Katie
(she was the flower girl at my wedding) I just love her so much

So all in all....GREAT weekend and GREAT weather...for those who know me, you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE the hot weather! :-O. And we are on the countdown for when Jordan comes home from Seattle...just about 5 weeks!

Happy Daughter of the KING, Happy Mom, Happy Aunt, Happy Sister, Happy Wife = HAPPY LIFE