Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer Weekend

Friday, was just one of those favorite July days of mine....very warm and humid. My only thing with humid days (cause I won't complain) is my hair......becomes VERY curly and frizzy. But oh well....I will pay that price. (SMILE)

Friday night Steve and I had steamed shrimp and other goodies outside on the patio (I LOVE to eat outside), Seth was away as usual to his "other home" ~ friends....and Jordan and his friend Keith joined us for the yummy outside dinner. It was fun catching up with Keith, and the laughing and talking around the table is always fun.

. kind of day again..although the humidity had subsided some, it was a perfect reading on the deck by the pool afternoon. AND the water in pool was just right! Later that night Steve, Seth, and my self joined my in-laws for a LOOOOOOONG...but FUN Shorebirds Baseball Game. Of course the stadium food, and fireworks (YOU KNOW I LOVE MY FIREWORKS) at the end were the best thing about the night along with good company. Another FUN summer night

Church on Sunday = AWESOME, 2 parties and hanging out with a lot of people I LOVE, and long into the evening visits outside. Summer is where my heart is.

It always has been, and at one time I thought that would be gone forever. Summer is my most FAVORITE time of the year, but is also falls into the most difficult time of our lives. 5 years ago during this time, we were desperately begging, praying, clinging, and hoping for the earthly life of our precious Brandon. I always felt like it was another cruel injustice that I had to have my son pass away during what was such a favorite time of mine and our family. But each year gets better, and God has continued to show up and heal our hearts. And I can say son got to transition from his earthly home, onto his ETERNAL HOME and look upon the face of his Saviour...during our favorite time. He is just waiting for us now. Don't get me wrong....I still have "those days", and really wish things were different. But God, family & friends have helped us on this road that we continue to travel. And I can also LOVE of Summer has been returned, and I really like to think that when it is my day, and Brandon and Jesus are there to meet me, SUMMER will be a little piece of MY Heaven, but with GOOD HAIR DAYS! :-o

Psalm 34:18 ~ The Message
If your heart is broken, you'll find God right there; if you're kicked in the gut, he'll help you catch your breath