Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I want; I desire

Sitting here and reflecting on my 5 beautiful children, and the honor and privilege I have at being "their mom", there are some things that I so desire and want for them.

Obviously the top priority is their salvation and ETERNAL life, and YES I am assured of that. All 5 of them!!!! I desire for them to be happy and healthy in life, to love what they do, and do what they love. To always feel loved by me, their dad, each other, and their future spouses. To always know their identity in Christ, and the person that God created them to be. (so glad I get to help them on this part of their journey). For them to see themselves and abilities the way God sees them. What CONFIDENCE they will hold with that!

For them to remain close and bonded with each other and their family. To be there for each other through the journey of life. To build on their own special relationships with each other, and then with each other's families. To be those FAVORITE Uncles and an Aunt. Of course, she will lovingly share her Aunt role with her brother's wives, and they will gladly accept her prince of a husband! For their children to be so close with each other and their cousins. Yes...just the way it should be!

So yeah, among all of the other things I "may want"....THIS IS THE BEST!!!

I LOVE YOU Brandon, Jordan, Seth, Jedidiah & Desi!