Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Little Of What We Have Been Up To.....

Since I still have not mastered on how to get a slide show posted (anyone have any advice they can offer)...the above is some of what we have been busy with.

This was a meet from last week, and today's meet is in our town's BRAND NEW POOL!!! YAAAY! We have been waiting so long. Back when Brandon was a freshman, we were hearing that we would soon have our own pool. In 2003 when he graduated ~ no pool. And still no pool when Jordan graduated in 2006. So finally Seth as a freshman gets to benefit from all of the hard work the community did to make it happen. It is such a beautiful facility.

Wish Seth a good swim...........GO MILFORD!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Like I said.........soon

Still trying to find the time to really sit down and update, and get some photo's on here. It's amazing, how each day I say..."this will be the day I do a real update"...and then I have no time!!!

But hopefully tonight. We shall see....