Friday, June 5, 2009

Steve's Birthday!!!

Today is my Sweetie's Birthday. We have been married for 21 years, and today will be the 22nd Birthday opportunity to make/or buy him a CHEESECAKE. Yes Steve loves his cheesecake...thing is, so do I, and so does really not sure who gets to savor more of it. The Birthday Boy, Jordan, or me! But we share. :-)

I am so happy that God strategically placed us together. That our path was known by him, and he had those paths connect. I can not imagine anyone else who I would want to ride this roller coaster of life with....even in the times that one or the other is wanting to "tip that roller coaster"...hey, we are both pretty headstrong!.

So I wish a very Happy Birthday to one of the LOVES OF MY LIFE!

DAWN LOVES STEVE ~ xxooxxooxxoo

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thank you God

Last night Steve and I were at a meeting in Georgetown...surrounded by some new faces, and some friendly faces that we have had the privilege to meet over the last month (on the starts of this new adventure that God has for us). It was there in the midst of listening to the conversation, that I became so overwhelmed and flooded with memories (and they weren't memories that I like). I was really fighting hard to not cry, not to want to run out of the room, and to not want to have a big hissy fit...shocking I know...but I do have them ~ just ask Steve :-).

Anyway...because I couldn't do all of the above, I just started to pray. And God in his faithfulness calmed this anxious girls heart down, washed over me with his love, and then showed me those "special little signs" that are only from him. On the drive home, he continued to show me those things that are meant only for me. And then I was at PEACE again.

Thank you God for loving me so much, that even in a see me, and want to heal me!