Friday, October 2, 2009

Where did September go???

What a busy month. Start of school...College, High School, Preschool, & Nursery School. From my 21 year old son, down to the new little 16 month old girlie. We've had football games, swim practices, drum line practices, Praise Band practices, appointments, BIRTHDAY PARTY for a special 4 YEAR OLD, 18th BIRTHDAY PARTY for my neice BROOKIE COOKIE, visits from my College son, Honor Roll Ceremony for Seth, and playing outside on the nice days while they last. WOW....can you see I'd really like to find that SUPER VITAMIN????

The adjustments have been going smoothly, we pretty much have a routine in place and it is working. However...a little "kink" in the routine when my back decided to go out! Never in my life have I had this happen, and never have I experienced something for so long a time that makes even the slightest of chores almost impossible. BUT, I have the most amazing helpful and wonderful husband! It made me appreciate him all over again. Seriously, single moms....don't know how they do it. And my mom was one for 7 years before she met my Stepfather...~YAAAY ERIC ~ THANK YOU GOD FOR GIVING US A WONDERFUL STEPFATHER! So you single working mommas truly are SUPERWOMAN!!!

Well...that is just a brief update on our month. Busy, but good...God continues to heal our hearts, and we still get those little kisses and hugs from him, and I'd like to think from Brandon as well....definitely these two new little ones seemed to be "handpicked" by Brandon (SMILE).

~ Seek the Lord while you can find him. Call on him now while he is near. Isaiah 55:6 NLT...the thing is....I found that the Lord is ALWAYS NEAR...he never leaves me!