Thursday, January 22, 2009

Getting it off my chest

Why is it when a "little tiff" occurs between you and your "loving" is so much easier to just jump in with both feet and say to yourself ..."oh it's on now"! Speaking for myself of course, cause I just know that all of you other fine Christian ladies never experience this.

And then, when silence enters (because you are just too mad to talk to each other), is usually when I realize that I have let the enemy get a foothold. Uuuuugh! I just hate that! Every morning I say to my self.."Dawn...this is the day, that you really are going to be that Proverbs Woman. You are going to be that sweet spirit in tone and attitude in your home. You will be the loving helpmate that your hard working Godly patient (and boy is he) husband deserves". Some days I actually achieve that..and how wonderful those days are. But yesterday was not one of them.

Even in the gentle reminders from the stubbornness still had a "stronghold" over me. And then when I saw said sweet, patient, Godly husband asleep in the living room (cause you know he didn't want to deal with me)...I sent him a text, knowing that he would get it in the morning when he turned on his work phone.

So yaaay for technology, but it would have made things so much more pleasant if it had come from my mouth (even though it was still from my heart). So as you see........I still got A LOT of work to do. And Steve would probably say..."please pray, for my sometimes very extremely emotional, all over the place, makin' no sense wife" (who loves him dearly)!

I will strive to be that Proverbs Woman today!!! Cause that is what God created me for!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I am just PRAISING my God for how he knows what music does for my heart, soul, spirit, & mood!!! Even in my darkest of days, God is always there with that gentle reminder to keep breathing, keep moving, & yes keep singing!