Friday, December 19, 2008

Oh Yeah!!! less than 24hrs, I get to see my precious sweet middle son!!! All the way from snowy Washington. Seth was a little more than irritated that Jordan has had 2 school snow days this week. Our weather here in Delaware has been crazy...cold, warm, balmy, rainy, damp, just plain YUCKY, sunny, and now rainy again! Oh a wish for snow....too bad Jordan can't bring any with him.

I am asking for safe travel prayers...and no airport delays, but well...we will just deal with that. He is flying out of SeaTac tonight @ 10:40, arriving in Detroit in the morning, and then going from there to if you have been watching the news lately, you know "that the weather out there is frightening" (that song is stuck in your head now isn't it...heehee). Anyway, we are just so super excited to get to tomorrow morning at the airport.

And today, guess what....Steve and I are starting and finishing our Christmas shopping! Yeah, we are those people, but it works out well, because we make lists, have fun (which of course means some "ground rules" before hand) and just spend the day together. His big job (other than he is the $ man) is when he sees me getting stressed...the 4 Magic words MUST be spoken with kindness and love...."It will be okay". Works every time on this hyper girl!

I have some Thanksgiving photo's that I'll try to upload tonight. Some of them quite interesting :-O

Have a great day everyone!