Monday, January 26, 2009

Isn't That Just Like God!!!

Church was................AWESOME!!!! I LOVE that I can still be just utterly shocked, speechless (yeah I know...hard to imagine), THANKFUL, VERY FILLED, humbled, honored, & "like really"? that God actually SPEAKS to ME! Little ole' me! And there is nothing that I can "achieve" to do, but just simply have an open, willing, & seeking heart. How simple, or so it should be!

God makes it just that simple, but our own "stuff" can make it so much harder than what it should be. But because God knows me so well (I am fearfully & wonderfully made ya know) he knows what will actually prompt and speak to my heart, and when I get into that RIGHT place....WATCH OUT! He will ALWAYS have something to tell me that I REALLY need to hear.

And you know what....that is available to EVERYONE! God is just waiting for you, he's right listen!
Have a BEAUTIFUL day!