Saturday, March 28, 2009


This has been a whirlwind week with Jordan. But we had so much FUN in Florida! Steve will be one tired boy along with Jordan by the time Monday rolls around. Jordan flies back to Seattle today, so he will have one day to recover before classes again on Monday, and Steve has been on a Men's Ministry Team since Thursday. He will go back to work after being off all week, and being in between here and Florida! But it all is good, and most definitely worth it!

I am sad to see Jordan leave again, but he is anxious to get back and finish out the year, and then be home again by June. So really...not too much longer. These next two months will probably fly by.

This time of year also leads up to all of those memories 5 years ago preparing for Brandon's transplant, and then how our summer was and ended. I so do not want to get "caught" in grief, and miss out on the good stuff during what is my most favorite season. I also want to continue to seek God in all things, I know that he has never left me, and I am still so grateful that this is my life. But God knows that there is that one thing I would change....but I firmly believe that Brandon would want nothing changed. He is just that heartbeat away, waiting for us.

Everyone have a great weekend. Maybe after all this busyness, I will post some Disney photo's......maybe.