Wednesday, August 3, 2011

7 years

Sometimes I can hardly believe that it is possible that 7 full years have passed since Brandon went HOME to wait for us...and surely he will have so much to show us when it is our day. There are many days that I can barely wait for that moment...the moment I get to wrap my arms around my sweet son, kiss him until he says..."okay mom" and see that beautiful smile that his brothers also share.

Even in my hard days I am so so soooo overjoyed and thankful and full of PRAISE that because of Jesus, our future with Brandon is longer than our past! I don't know if I will ever find all of the words that fill my heart with trying to explain the knowing of what my Saviour did for me & all of my family. First that I was even TRUSTED with the awesome job of being the mother of such wonderful Godly sons...Brandon, Jordan, Seth, & soon to be Jedidiah...and let us not forget the PRINCESS...Desi! Wow...God just loves me so much & that is so cool with me!

But that God also trusted me with this hard journey...I can't say that I like it or would have ever signed up for it....but if the only way that I could have ever been a part of Brandon's life was to knowingly sign up for this journey...I know I would have pushed people away to say ..."YES God...choose me"!

Our family is abundantly BLESSED....and I continue to push forward, press in, and BREATHE THE FAITHFULNESS OF GOD!!! With the excitement and anticipation of....ONE DAY!

So as we CELEBRATE BRANDON today...I will always encourage smile, have fun, and seek the lover of your soul...JESUS!

It sure would be cool to see ya all there in Heaven with us! :-)

Blessings & Love
The Hastings
Steve, Dawn, Brandon, Jordan, Seth, Jedidiah, & Desi

Monday, August 1, 2011

Breathing God's Faithfulness

Trying to get into that place of be honest...I DEFINITELY have a severe case of 7 year itch! I miss Brandon so very much. I know God is faithful, I know all is well & I do have joy, laughter, peace (most of the time)...and so much that I am thankful for...and great anticipation of our Adoption date on 8/15. But this heart is missing Brandon with every beat that it takes.

BUT...I will be okay :-)