Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year ~ New Adventures

Hmmm....wondering what God has in store for our family for 2011. The last part of 2009 & all of 2010 brought about significant changes for all of us. The Little's arrived near the last part of 2009, they have now been a part of our family for 16 & a half months. Jordan is now living on the west coast and attending Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. Seth is a junior, driving, and just got elected into the National Honor Society, and is busy with swim season at this time. Steve is steady busy with work (thank you Jesus that construction has not slowed at all for the company he works for), and I have been trying to find "my place"....the place that I know that I maintain in our family....but mostly the place where God wants me.

I feel a big shift is about to happen yet again in our family & if the arrival of the Little's was not big enough. But this one involves more stretching, more trusting, and a willingness to take another HUGE leap of Faith...yes God is shifting us. And that is with a readiness to listen, learn, & obey, we wait with anticipation & excitement! Won't you come along!

~ It would be so cool if God would give us the "big picture" that Brandon no doubt is in on, and excited for the things of God for his family. I can just picture that smile! :-) After all....God knows the plans for our family...plans that include HOPE and a FUTURE...his book (Bible)says so!

Happy New Year & New Adventures to YOU!
Dawn & Family