Friday, August 15, 2008


Loved this quote I saw on another blog today. Karen from Washington State, visit her blog, she is approaching one of "those dates", and would sure appreciate your visit and encouragement. ~ still not really good at doing the "link" thing. Sorry

We can't stop the waves, but we can learn to SURF ~ Jospeh Goldstein

This reminds me so much of the my emotions lately. I really need to learn to surf ALOT better. This also reminds me of my special "middle son" Jordan. He loves to surf, whether it be on the water or on the sidewalk. He is getting ready to start his next new adventure with a move to Renton, Washington. Did I tell you how emotional all of this is to me!!!!! The 4th Celebration of when Brandon went to his "REAL HOME ~ Heaven", Jordan moving, and my baby Seth starting High School!!! I was a crying mess this morning dropping Seth off to High School Soccer practice, and thinking "this time next week, Jordan will be in Washington"! is all good stuff. I know that God's plans and purpose are so much bigger than I can imagine, and yeah God.........I am ready to learn to surf with EXPERTISE!!! I LOVE YOU GOD & I LOVE the family you gave me!!!

Have a great weekend to everyone. We will be celebrating this next new adventure in Jordan's life, and his 20th Birthday ~ he will actually be in Washington for his birthday on August 27th. So we are gonna have some fun this weekend!

My cup is truley overflowing (happiness, gratefulness, God's love, and yes....tears)