Thursday, April 9, 2009

Promise of the Progress

See this beautiful Castle.

Well right about 5 mins after this, and about 20 mins before the pretty fireworks went off... the REAL fireworks of Steve & Dawn occurred!
And they weren't pretty. What started out as an innocent comment of "Dawn...your in the middle of the street", and me saying "okay" (moving over just a little, while fidgeting with my camera = distraction), then the 3rd time of innocent "Dawn your still in the street" and my reply.....turned into what Steve heard...

DING DING this corner weighing in at ###lbs is Steve Hastings, patient husband, but now irritated. And this is what I (Dawn) heard......."It's ON NOW"! So, because we were in Florida, and no one I knew was around, I really didn't care if we were standing in the middle of Disney World arguing. And in my furious state..I declared that I was leaving and heading back to the resort.....

In my very fast moving pace of hustling to get to the exits, I heard the fireworks (one of my most favorite things to watch) going off, and lot's of oohs and aaahs, all the while thinking of how mad I was and I was actually so mad and I am at the
. Oh the irony of it!

Ya still with me? Now I am out on the bus platform, REFUSING to watch the fireworks (cause you's all Steve's fault), and I realize I am at the wrong place(God was way ahead of me on this, or should I say I had gotten WAY ahead of him). So with an ever so polite voice and tone I ask someone..."Could you please tell me where I need to go to get back to my resort"? So after I get the needed info, I am still walking in my angry mode, and trying to hurry and get where I needed to be, and as I am about to board the correct bus...who do I see??? UUUUUUGH! Sure enough, there was Steve (he didn't look so happy either). So with an open seat next to him, I plopped down and we both sat in angry silence, while leaving "THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH".

Well, this is when I actually had the opportunity to hear God... "Dawn, you need to let this go and make things right"...."No's all his fault that I didn't get to see the fireworks". You know how one sided that is not, right?...... Well so does God, and he just never lets up. So while working on me, he was also working on Steve. By the time we got back to the resort and got off the bus, we had purposed to "be okay", and not let 10 mins of ugliness ruin an entire day of so much F U N together. I PRAISE God that he never gives up or lets in, and that I have a husband that will listen to God speaking to his heart also. I PRAISE God that my heart is not so hard (even when I try to be hard) that his way, his love, and his words can still make their way in. So you see....we are still a work in progress. But I will always thank God for the PROMISE of the PROGRESS! And that what God wants for our marriage everyday is to be one of "THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH"

Ending with this scripture that really puts this situation into perspective for me!

I refresh the humble and give new courage to those with repentant hearts. Isaiah 57:15 NLT

Where I've Been

Been tired, been sick, been in a "funk", been busy! That about sums it up!