Wednesday, August 17, 2011

So MUCH!!!!

WOW...half way into August and the days have been so busy! I feel like I hit the ground running every day. And it has been like that since the end of July. But aaaah...we are starting to slow down a little now (at least I am believing that).

The end of July took us from the fair straight into the busy days of August. On August 3rd, our 7th year of Brandon living in his eternal home waiting for us brought some emotions bubbling up a bit harder this year than in years past. BUT it is GOOD! We had a fun day at a drum corp show in West Chester, and it was so fun laughing and spending the day with some of my favorite guys. The "little"s stayed the night with my parents...and apparently they got started on a special project (more on that).

Then on 8/5...of all weeks to have to be at AI DuPont hospital, I had to take JD up for his post op appointment. And YES...that was very hard! BUT GOD!

8/9 was JD's actual appointment for the tubes to be placed in his ears. Steve prayed us through that, and just when I really thought I was going to "loose it"...the "silly juice" that they gave JD made him silly x's 10! We were laughing so hard at him we had tears running down our cheeks. So yes...even in that...BUT GOD!

Then the very next day on 8/10 I went away for the BEAUTIFUL ONE conference that my sweet husband blesses me with every year. I am so overjoyed to have a husband that shares my heart and the direction that God wants to lead us as a family. That he is able to take the time to be the one there for our children, and has learned how to do his little princess's hair! And I am so thankful for my mom that helped him out when things got a little hectic, and then they could all have a yummy dinner at her house! I am SURE Steve liked that as well! (smile)

And then my sweet husband and good friend Chuck (Laurie's husband, and Hannah's dad) had a most wonderful meal prepared for my friend Laurie, Hannah, and myself when we got home on Saturday evening! And THANKS to CHUCK...I found out my husband could cook A LOT more than SOUP! So you know what that means! haha.

And then there was Monday, 15, August 2011. The "Little's" are now a FOREVER part of our family. It was our ADOPTION DAY!!! It seems so surreal but yet purposed all at the same time. We have a new son...Jedidiah Joel Hastings, and daughter....Desi Michele Hastings. WOW...we truly know that Brandon had MORE THAN a vision for our family when this thought entered his heart and mind 8 years ago. And we fully believe that God surely let him see his new sister and brother. We are so amazed and humbled by all of God's faithfulness in our continual journey of life. As i sit her typing this, I am reminded that LOVE ALWAYS WINS!
Thank you God for LOVING US THIS MUCH!

Steve, Dawn, ^I^Brandon^I^, Jordan, Seth, Joel, & Desi Hastings