Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Been gone ~ but here!

I have been in quite a "funk" these last two weeks, but I am now on the hike back UP "that hill". I suppose these times will always come and go. Brandon's birthday is Monday. He would be 23!!! We are going camping for the weekend and to also CELEBRATE his birthday that way. I know he would have loved camping, but I also know he LOVES Heaven. Just really wish God would just give me that BIG picture. But because he knows me so well....he does what he does, cause I'd always want MORE.

Actually during this "funk" we have been quite busy as well. There have been Bud & Bug Festival, planting flowers outside (which I love), opening the pool (yaay ~ ready for that if it ever warms up), baseball games, band concerts, projects for school, prom, and now Jordan's girlfriend Jessi graduates tomorrow night! So it would seem that it should have been impossible to be in a funk with all of this fun stuff going on, but yeah it was there. But God in his never ending FAITHFULNESS is always right there, giving me just what I need, when I need it.

Well...laundry is calling. Have a great weekend, maybe I will actually post photo's next time!