Thursday, December 4, 2008


We had a very fun and different Thanksgiving this year. We went camping (you know...the modern Pilgrim way) down near Williamsburg. It was such a fun and relaxing time. I am so glad that we went, perhaps a new tradition??? Seth had a lot of fun, even though he was the only kid. We did our traditional Black Friday Movie. And then on Saturday, we toured historic Yorktown and the Jamestown Settlement. Man O Man am I glad I live NOW. It was cold and damp that day, and I just can not imagine!!!

Also, Seth figured out that modern day conveniences are just way too nice. And yeah...I am a modern day girl myself!!! Brandon and Jordan would have loved the trip too, and of course we thought about them a lot. Jordan actually had a nice long weekend at my sister-in-law Shawn's house. So he had a good Thanksgiving with family. And well, I can only imagine the type of Thanksgiving they do in Heaven. I am sure for Brandon...EVERYDAY is Thanksgiving and Praising!

And to that...I give all of my THANKS to God for making Eternity possible and a reality! Thank you Jesus!

*hopefully more pictures will follow soon