Monday, December 3, 2012

I AM here!

WOW....I have neglected this for a VERY long time!  So many reasons why, but one of the major ones is now gone, HEALED!  I feel so much better after the surgery on my back.  I feel like a new person!  One that wants to get back to her journaling.  And one that will!  Until then...(soon)....HAPPY DAYS!



Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Jordan's Summer ~ Drum Corps Style!!!

Practicing in the Parking Lot....I LOVE the smile on his face in this photo!

Jordan on the far right playing the quads (4 drums)

That's Jordan in the center

So very happy that he has had this adventure for the summer.  It has been A LOT of  work...and we are VERY PROUD!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Getting Emotional

Getting so emotional with:

1.  Summer closing (way to FAST)
2.  Seth getting ready for his freshman year at the University of Delaware (REALLY FAST)
3.  Jordan getting ready to head back to California (this past year with him home...again TOO FAST)
4.  8 years ago today last day I heard Brandon's voice when he said..."I LOVE you, I'll see you in a little bit"
5.  August 3rd...8 FULL years of him being GONE! (FASTER & SLOWER than I can even comprehend)

Good things:
1.  Seth gettting ready for freshman year at UofD ~ So PROUD of him, exicted for his next new chapter!
2.  Jordan getting ready to head back to California ~ So PROUD of him, excited for his next adventure!
3.  Jedidiah getting ready to start 1st grade ~ SO PROUD of all that he has accomplished!
4.  Desi is 4 ~ a very sweet, but also sassy DAUGHTER who loves to sing and dance!
5.  August 3rd ~ Celebrate Brandon Day ~ 8 FULL years of him being HEALED & living with JESUS!!!
6.  August 13th ~ Seth's Eagle Scout Ceremony ~ VERY PROUD of this accomplishment
7.  August 15th ~ 1 FULL (and I do mean FULL) year of completed adoption of Jedidiah & Desi!!!
8.  August 19th ~ 3 FULL years (again...FULL) that Jedidiah & Desi first walked into our/their home!!!

Wow ~ I am a wreck good/sad, but GOD is ALWAYS FAITHFUL.  Sometimes I just have to really press hard to get my heart to KNOW IT & FEEL IT!!!  But even still...God is always the same, and that helps me through the tears of joy or sadness.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Isn't She LOVELY!!!

May 18th ~ The BIRTHDAY of our PRINCESS!!!

Desi turned 4 and had a Birthday Weekend.  Friday night (her Birthday) was nice and we just did some playing outside...and lil' mama rode the motorcycle with one of her brothers and her daddy!  We had her Family Celebration on Sunday.  It was a DISNEY PRINCESS BIRTHDAY!  This is our 3rd birthday with her....but SHE was and IS definitely OUR GIFT


driving Daddy's "bike"

Ya have to blow out candles on your BIRTHDAY!!!

The LOVE of her life...Dustin.  We got to see him at the Lincoln Church Graduation Celebration.  She CONSTANTLY says that he is her boyfriend and she is marrying him!  He is one of Jordan's and our family's long time friend.


Birthday Girl

Birthday PRINCESS!

Happy 4th Birthday!  And yes, she is glammed up with a bow & fake hair!

Teaching Danica how to apply gloss!

Her lips/face were VERY GLOSSY!  She loved that makeup!

Last Days of High School

May 14-18, 2012 ~ Seth's last week of HIGH SCHOOL....YIKES! 

This came way to fast!  It is so weird how fast those last 4 years of school go by.  I can remember each freshman year (Brandon, Jordan, & Seth) and how much I thoroughly enjoyed everything they were involved in, and their friends.  I guess that is a part of what makes it go by so fast.  BUT, I guess I get to do it all over again with Jedidiah & Desi!  I just pray for the energy level of me to be the same!

Senior Awards Night

AP Honors Math Award!!!

Last Band Concert

He did Dance Team for Senior Year! 

Ms Boone we LOVE you & will MISS YOU!

Senior Cruise!!!

Shirts OFF now!

Carol Argo & "LEECH BABY" :-)

Lincoln Church Celebrates the Graduates!
Ethan, Haley, Seth & Jesse (he had to work)

Seth getting anointed and prayed for by Carol, & Jack & Karen Fitzgerald.
They have all watched Seth grow from infancy & have been very important as some of the people that have Sown into Seth's life Spiritually!
 So glad you had fun Seth & did what your brothers Brandon & Jordan told you to do...."MAKE THE MOST OF THIS TIME"!

Monday, June 18, 2012

3rd Overall!

So yeah....missed a few days there!  BUT.....

May 11-12th ~ Henlopen Tennis Conferences.

After a VERY strange year with tennis (Seth started out 1st team doubles, then moved to 3rd team singles), AND after a very hard fought battle during finals....Seth finished 3rd overall in 3rd Singles!  It was a long hot weekend...but WORTH it!  So PROUD of you Seth!

1st day, getting court assinment

discussing game with dad


2nd Day ~ waiting to be called


Medal Ceremony ~ They actually called him up by the name BRANDON HASTINGS!!!  Too funny!

Seth Joseph Hastings ~ 3rd Overall in 3rd Singles ~ Henlopen Conference

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

May Days ~ or DAZE!

So now that we are pretty much half way through June...I figured I would update on the month of May.  Oh what a busy month that was!  I feel like I am still trying to "settle down" from it.
As you may be aware, this has been Seth's senior year of High School, and it seemed that May was a very busy month for the family of this Senior...and the Senior himself!

On May 5th was his Senior Prom ~ I did post on that...remember????

Then on 5/8 ~ Jordan reminded me of this sweet date...5/8/12, and yes I did a post on that too (5 = Brandon, May, 8 = August, Jordan, 12 = December, Seth).

But that is where life just got so busy, and there was no time for posts!  So let's begin a "recap a day"!  So starting tomorrow...I WILL do that!

But for now, I am "reminiscing" and trying to "be still".

Happy Wednesday to YOU!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Happy Birthday!!!

I am so behind on updates...updates that I have tried to PURPOSE to write!'s post will go on for sure!

Today is Steve's BIRTHDAY!!!
Happy Birthday Sweetie.  I am so thankful for this man.  He is a man of God that remembers to pray for me when I need it (most of the time), and pray for me when my ATTITUDE needs it!  He is a HUGE help around the house, helpful with the kids (especially the "littles").  Adores his children and works hard to provide for his family.

He knows just what to say (most of the time) when I am in full FREAK OUT mode (rarely happens...HA!).  The four simple words I really need to hear....EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY. 

Thank you Steve for being who you are...I LOVE YOU!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sweet Reminder

Thanking Jordan for the reminder that is 5812.  It helps with these moments that my heart hurts so much.  I LOVE my Family.

Trying to be that CALM & LOVING mom, with a gentle word and tounge (can be so hard for me).  BUT GOD!