Monday, March 21, 2011

A little less of that :-( and a LOT more of THIS

Been in a "funk" lately....although it comes and goes from day to day...much like the "tide" from a post back in 2009. I am striving to count my blessings, to be a blessing to those that I love (especially my sweet patient husband Steve), and my children...Jordan, Seth, & the Little's. I want more than to be in a perpetual state of confusion, irritation, and sadness. And I know without doubt that not only does my Saviour intend for that to be my life...but Brandon would probably say..."get it together mom". And you SHOULD be that easy! Thought I would be catching on by now. So not to end on the gloomy note....I am thankful for:

* My Husband of 23 years (March 26th)...I LOVE YOU HONEY!
* That I have the privilege to be the mother of Brandon, Jordan, & Seth
* That God saw to it that I was not done being a mommy...hence the Little's
* My ENTIRE family
* Christian friends that help pick me up.
* Music that fills my soul and feeds it
* Of course God's word and his promises that THIS is not it!
* Other friends to share this journey...and yes I hurt for them, but we are a support system!

In closing...I found out why God had me go back to my Bible from 7 years was to draw me close to a sweet friend who was such a inspiration to me for many years with the ups and downs with Brandon. Especially the summer of 2004. God knew then, that we would need each other now! I am asking all of you that "check on me" lift of this precious family from Texas.. The LOWES...their beautiful daughter Kyndall went home to be with her saviour on January 11th. I sure hope she and Brandon have had the chance to meet! The thought of that makes me smile...even on the hard days!

Passage Psalm 30:5: ~ The Message
The nights of crying your eyes out give way to days of laughter.