Tuesday, July 1, 2014

3,650 days

5,256,000 hours
10 years

Since I heard your voice telling me I LOVE YOU, I WILL SEE YOU IN A LITTLE WHILE.  At times, it still feels like yesterday when you were telling me that and holding my hand as you were drifting off to sleep for another "procedure".  Sometimes those many days, hours, and years can feel so suffocating.  It can be so hard for my earthly mind to comprehend heavenly "stuff".  But GOD!!! 

He is still faithful to make all things work together for my good, and those suffocating moments do pass quickly at times.  And those times they don't....well God gets me through it.  Even in all this missing you, wondering what you would look like and what you would be doing....there has been A LOT of good stuff A LOT of living, and A LOT of LOVING!!!

For right now, I will keep counting time (God made me that way), keep living, keep loving, keep hoping, keep believing
and keep HAVING FAITH!

I love and miss you my sweet silly 1st born son!

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